Bangkok Bunnies バンコクバニーズ ナナプラザ

バンコクバニー ナナプラザ


ゴーゴーバー ナナプラザ
Ground Floor Nana Plaza 3/3 1 Soi 4 Sukhumvit Rd., Klongton, Klongtoei, Bangkok 1011
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Bangkok Bunnies is a must see gogo bar located on the ground floor of Nana Plaza. You wont miss Bangkok Bunnies as they’re big!! The outside bar area has some of the most comfortable seating that you will find at any gogo bar. Sitting at the outside bar you can hang out with some of the bargirls or just sit back and relax watching what is going on within Nana Plaza. Once you enter the gogo bar this is where the fun begins. With two large dance floors that really swells with gogo dancers on a Friday and a Saturday night it can be jaw dropping for many first time visitors. All the seating is comfortable from the stadium style bench seats to the sofas. They also have dancers dancing in the corners of the stadium seating. Stools surround the dance floors therefore if you feel a bit daring then head on over, the view is very good Everything has been done to a high standard in regard to the fixtures, you wont be complaining about your surroundings here. Visually Bangkok Bunnies is stunning especially when the bar is full. At Bangkok Bunnies they do have a wide variety of gogo dancers therefore there should be someone that rocks your boat. Several of the dancers are up there with the best of any bar within Bangkok. If you’re in the mood then get her over quick for a drink or some prick might just beats you to the punch. The music inside is set to a good volume that you will even be able to have a conversation with the women without straining to hear.Once you have decided that your new friend is the one for you then a barfine will set you back 700฿. At least you’ll be able to say that you have done a Bunnie!! If you come in a group then you can sit on the sofas which are elevated within the two dance floors. Sit back in luxury, relax and enjoy the view … who am I kidding this is Bangkok loosen up a bit and get a few dancers over for some fun. Talking of having some fun then head on over to the Jacuzzi which is located also between the two dance floors. Here the dancers are up for a good time and at various stages of dress or should I say undress makes the Jacuzzi a good spot to hang out. I have witnessed a couple of dancers here at Bangkok Bunnies really rip-up a dance floor, especially if the DJ throws in a couple of Issan songs into the mix. These are the times when you can’t take your eyes of whichever dancer lets loose. Even if you’re sitting having a drink some chick. With a bar this size you could spend your whole night within Bangkok Bunnies and wont be disappointed. There is a real atmosphere inside and with plenty of gogo dancers on the dance floor makes Bangkok Bunnies a must see bar when visiting

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